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Reasons to participate in this Directory:
We have built our Travel Directory from scratch. It is not a dump from the ODP (DMOZ) but a manually-edited, well-organized list of websites, the majority of which are related to Travel. We have included a few broader categories such as "widerange" or "miscelaneous" for non-travel participants.

We believe that by providing a useful resource of specialized websites, our users will benefit by finding interesting sites they may otherwise miss. This creates in turn -and on time- a highly focused traffic, high quality users who understand what they are looking. If your site is part of our Directory you might in turn receive your share of good traffic. Search engines have the ability to provide traffic, but a better source are web directories of any kind.

If you run / maintain a Travel-related site:

  • Add your site to our Directory. Fill in the form and submit for approval.
  • Upon review and acceptance, we will email you back with information on reciprocal linking.
  • All sites are reviewed manually.
  • Non-travel related sites are welcome to participate under the broader categories:

How our Travel Directory has been organized:

Main Travel Categories:

* Airlines: From Cargo Airlines to Flying Schools.
* Resources for Argentina : section devoted to Argentine websites or sites about Argentina only.
* Auto rentals: organized by regions.
* Bed and Breakfasts: Africa, Asia, Europe, Central America, South America, USA, Canada, etc...
* City Guides: by regions and countries.
* Convention Centers: organized by regions.
* Cottages and Cabins: a listing of cabin vacation by regions of the World.
* Cruises: Cruise vacations in different parts of the World.
* Destinations: Vacation spots. Organized by regions.
* Directories: Other travel related directories.
* General: Travel related by alphabetical order.
* Lodging: Accomodations by regions.
* Miscelaneous: Travel accesories, guides, maps, travel books, immigration information and more.
* National Parks: Vacations to World National Parks.
* News and Media: Weather services and other travel related media.
* Niche Travel: Cultural trips, adventure travel, Golf vacations, Salmon fishing trips, etc.
* Online Reservations: Any reservation system online (travel).
* Photos and images: Albums of photos from different world spots. By amateurs.
* Property rentals: Rental properties for vacation worldwide. From one week to months.
* Time sharing: Time shares websites.
* Top Vacation Spots: Most selective vacation destinations.
* Tour operators: organized by regions.
* Travelogues: Journals and diaries written and shared by non-professionals.
* Travel agents: organized by regions.
* Vacation rentals: Similar to rental properties but condominiums and large complexes.

... and many more on Widerange categories: Internet, Gambling, Real Estate, etc.

Characteristics of our Travel Directory:

1. Uncluttered. A maximum of 15/17 listings per page, depending on the category.
2. Provides a thumbnail for each website participating. See a sample. See a close up.
3. Submitters have the ability to come back and edit their listings.
4. Password protected submissions.
5. Easy to understand category structure and folder architecture.

by Travel Argentina

According to "" a directory "is, in general, an approach to organizing information, the most familiar example being a telephone directory." What this definition doesn't emphasize is why this is so important, maybe that's because it is obvious to everyone that the reason directories are so important is so we can find stuff. Directories help me find phone numbers, directories help me find addresses of businesses, and directories help me find certified public accountants.

From our own research we have found out that the most sophisticated surfers go beyond the typical search engine quest when looking for information, to end digging into specialized Directories. The difference between search engine listings and categories in a Directory is often poorly understood. High quality, niche directories -often overlooked- have a more selective body of information.




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Comentaries from participants in Directories as ours

"I think you will find that directory usage is rising throughout the market. Iím not sure if itís because the public is tired of poor search results filled with spam or the years of high quality submission standards set by many directories is starting to pay off. Itís definitely something to keep an eye on."